Becoming a Member

3 free training days

You get 3 free training days to come out and learn, ask questions, and work your dog. Get a feel for the sport and see if this is something you would like to commit to.

Provisional Membership

Provisional membership may be offered if deemed appropriate for the sport and you show a genuine interest in learning.

During this probationary time, we like to see consistent commitment, desire to learn, and to see you and your dog progressing.  This includes commitment to coming out to weekly training days.


Club dues are $300 annually. 

Dues can be paid via check, cash, card, or PayPal and can easily be completed online.

Code of Conduct

Expulsion from the club could result due to gossiping, over compulsive training, physically abusing your dog, only interested in participating in protection, not supporting club/sport programs.



We pride ourselves on training and titling well-rounded canines of ALL breeds.

While IGP is our primary focus, many of our members train and title in various other venues and sports.

We host 2 trials a year when members are ready vs having a strict schedule.


Come to club days prepared to work your dog with a plan. 
  • What things are you wanting to work on? 
  • What areas are you trying to improve?
  • What are some challenges are you facing?
  • What phases do you have questions about? 

The helper is not responsible for having a training plan for YOUR dog. The helper and other members can help advise, suggest things needed to work on but it is your responsibility to have a general idea of things. 

Don’t come to only do things you/the dog already knows. 
Have all your gear/equipment/tools/treats/etc in order. 
It’s Texas, be sure to bring enough water for both yourself and your dog. 
Use club time effectively and ask all the questions you have. We are all here to help as best we can! 

No progress ever came from being comfortable! 


Fine Details

While we are all here to learn from and help each other, understand that you will be the one training your dog. SCSA isn’t a training class.

We encourage members to seek out seminars, videos, and other trainers to aid in their own development.

Members must show active participation in club sponsored events (entering or just volunteering at trials, shows, etc.)

We are a club of experienced trainers that are dedicated to all our sports and our dogs. We are NOT paid professionals and will NOT tolerate members who participate in ONLY protection.


Club attendance will be monitored. 


Club Schedule

Training Locations

Tracking Fields: San Antonio Food Bank and the wheat fields off 151 and Callaghan Rd (permission to use these field varries- no NOT trespass just so you can track your dog)

Obedience and Protection Field: Rodriguez Park


Training Days

Tracking begins at 8:00am With OB and protection starting at 9:00am

Tracking location will be discussed with members informed ahead of time.

We generally meet at the far end of Rodriguez Park.

Back gates are always locked so be sure you enter via Rodriguez Ave entrance.


Locations as well as training dates and times may vary depending on members/seasons/weather/etc.

Reach out to the club if you are interested in coming out for available dates.