Who We Are

Our Club Members and Their Dogs

SCSA members pride themselves on training and titling well-rounded canines of ALL breeds. While IPO (Schutzhund) is our primary focus, many of our members train and title in various other venues. Our handlers are dedicated to their dogs and most of them have HOT (Handler, Owner, Trainer) dogs. Some of the dogs listed under members are retired but deserve the recognition. Most of the members are actively training 1-2 dogs at a time.


Board of Directors:

Chuck Jones - President

*Donut von Südtexas (GSD) BH-VT





                        Martez Alexander                                           
                            USCA Vice President                                               
     Xena vom Hausdorff   (ROTT)                      
Ceasar vom Haus Des Beschutzers  (ROTT)    


  Theresa Sweeten-Hernandez
     -DVG Vice President
           *Adoration Haus of RZA (ROTT) BH-VT
      *Macspups' Deuce Vom Haus Forte (Rott)





 Charles McCurley                                                              Sabine Bauer

USCA Secretary                                                                   DVG Secretary

                                                                                          *Arillus (DOB) BH-VT



Edward Popp

USCA, DVG Treasurer 

*Wolfgang Von Windtanz (GSD) BH-VT




 Jammie Space


*VaBella Vom Vollkommen (GSD) BH-VT


Chuck Jones

*Donut von Südtexas (GSD) BH-VT


Chuck Weeks

Sabine Bauer 


Theresa Sweeten

Jammie Space

Edward Popp

*Wolfgang Von Windtanz (GSD)







*H.O.T (Handler, Owner, Trainer)


Please Notice: 

While we are all here to learn from and help each other, understand that you will be the one training your dog under the guidence of our program. We encourage members to seek out seminars, videos, and other trainers to aid in their own development. Training curriculum must be approved by Chuck Jones or Doug Levy.

We are a club of trainers of all levels that are dedicated to Schutzhund, our dogs and a cohesive club experience . We are NOT paid professionals and will NOT tolerate members who do not participate in all 3 phases of the sport.